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Beach equipment In stock: rescue floats, circles, umbrellas and sun beds enclosing buoys, folding anchors, various life jackets. It is better to immediately buy everything you need to protect people's lives on the beach as much as possible. We have the opportunity to choose a specific model of equipment, since each tool has its own specifics. Therefore, it is extremely important that each rescue product clearly fulfills the tasks for which it was ordered. This is the main reason why it is necessary to apply for the supply of such equipment only to a reliable manufacturer, because amateurs will not be able to offer goods in high quality. In addition to life - saving equipment , the range offers recreational goods such as circles and deck chairs . Here you can choose the right equipment and various types of goods at a great price!

About choosing a beach umbrella

Our products

white beach umbrella

100 FJD

yellow single sunbed

115 FJD

a circle in the form of a donut

132 FJD

flamingo circle

155 FJD

a small beach ball

107 FJD

a big ball for people

111 FJD